Born to a Belgian Italo father and a French mother, Lorenzo Caminotti is a complete artist. 

He discovered the song very young and then also tries to comedy and actor by winning the first prize of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in the Art of the Word before returning to his first love, the romantic song. Lorenzo recorded his first album "Laissez-moi vous parler d'amour" where the hit song "Donne-moi ton amour" the takeover of Dutch star Frans Bauer, marks a new step forward and will be the real trigger in the spring of 2012 ... The album is signed by Sony Music France and will be the subject of 2 clips. 

In 2015, Lorenzo has matured his new album; texts and selected compositions, a long-term work with the objective of improving, to give even more. He is passionate about the guitar and begins to compose his first melodies ... He works more closely with Didier Baliany; together they co-sign most of the texts and compositions of the album "Vous, Mesdames". 

In May 2017, he released his new single "Je veux vous aimer" where the clip directed by James Planchon is shot in Venice at Caffè Florian and exceed 215,000 views on You Tube. 

Motivated by the public interest, in July 2017, Lorenzo recorded his new album with a new musical identity under the direction of Maestro Dominique Fievez (Domi Studio) whose mission is to create a new musical genre: the Romantico Club. 

The Romantico Club style mixes the traditional variety with a "Club" musical arrangement. We know rock, swing, disco, tango, but this musical "mix" has never been realized in this way until today. 

A new genre that gives a version 2.0 of the romantic song.

This third album "Authentic" contains among other 12 original songs offered, the first extract and starting point of this new adventure, the hit "L'Italiano", the world-famous Italian cover of Toto Cutugno. 

Love remains the main theme of his texts, with also more personal concerns: his family, his Italian origins, the difficulties of his job. He will even wink at Frédéric François in a song entitled "ChanteurS d'amour". 

The Lorenzo Romantico Club Story is just starting ...